Leadership has always been a topic close to home for me. I grew up as the second oldest of seven kids, but my older brother lived with my grandparents. I was always put in charge of my siblings. I would be the one to get in trouble if anything was broken or went wrong while …

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3 Steps to Running a Successful Blog Speech

I am in a Toastmasters club and recently did a speech on how to be a successful blogger. I thought it'd be a nice post to share. Here it is: Everyone has a blog waiting somewhere inside themselves. It could be a blog with reviews for something, a recipe blog, a place to freak out …

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Humanism and Belief

I am a humanist. Ultimately, I believe in people. I believe that is up to people to do the right thing. If you choose to follow a religion, all the power to you. I do not believe that religions should be pushed onto people.
We're all human. That's something that will not change. We are not perfect. To be human is to be flawed. To be human is to be here, living day to day.