A girl stood on the edge of a small shimmering black pool. Nothingness surrounded her. She did not know how she came to be standing at the edge of the ink colored pool. Hints of dark purples and blues showed in the colors of the pool. It was mesmerizing.

A man stood on another edge of the small pool. He was older, grayed. He wore a jacket of blue velvet with red lining. He stood too, staring into the pool.

The two stood in the nothingness looking into the pool, curiosity evident on both of their faces. The man slowly moved to the side, further from the girl. In the space he had been standing stood a translucent version of himself staring like he had into the pool. The two looked at this thing, this sort of after-image, in surprise.

The man moved to circle the image. It remained but another stood in the spot he had just vacated. Now there were two. The first was starting to become harder to see. The man stood behind the first image, transfixed on studying the strange occurrence.

The girl then moved towards the after-image. In her vacant place was the translucent image of herself staring into the pool. The man pointed it out and the two stood perplexed, looking at the multiple translucent images of themselves.

“We should push them in,” said the man, breaking the silence. The man stared through his first image into the black shimmering pool. The girl looked up in alarm at the man, then she looked to her image left beside her. The images were frozen in the moment.

“Why?” the girl asked, feeling a slight sense of concern for her image beside her.

“Why not?” asked the man. “That is, if we can even move them. We may pass right through them. Why shouldn’t we though? What else should we do?”

The girl’s brows furrowed as she looked from the man to the image of herself to the curious black pool and back. The man now had his hands raised as if readying to push the image in front of him. “Let’s try,” he said as his arms extended.

The image was not physically there but the man somehow pushed it forward. It fell slowly into the inky blackness before it. The darkness swallowed it.

They both stood staring into the pool. The man was unsure of what to do next. The girl was likewise confounded.

Then the girl and man both reached out for their remaining images. The girl reached tentatively, testing the feeling. The man seemed eager to push the remaining image into the darkness below. Once more the man’s image fell into the black.

The girl felt a need to push the image rise up. She felt it as keenly and suddenly. Slowly, still reluctant, she pushed her image into the pool.

The two stood in the vast nothingness once more. They stared down into the blackness. Once more they moved and left an image in their wake. Once more they pushed their images into the blackness below.

The two circled the small pool creating images and pushing them into the nothingness.

As they continued to push their translucent selves, the pool slowly grew. The pool slowly swallowed them up as slowly as it has swallowed every image before.

A large black pool shimmered in the middle of nothingness.


This was based on a dream I had last night. In the dream it was me and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) standing at the edge of the pool. In the dream The Doctor pushed in his image and that was it. I decided to push it a little further and create something out of it.

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