3 Steps to Running a Successful Blog Speech

I am in a Toastmasters club and recently did a speech on how to be a successful blogger. I thought it’d be a nice post to share. Here it is:

  1. Everyone has a blog waiting somewhere inside themselves. It could be a blog with reviews for something, a recipe blog, a place to freak out about your favorite new show, or whatever. Everyone has something they want to say, some piece of themselves they want to put out in the world. Blogs provide this opportunity. I don’t want to tell you how to start a blog, because you can google that and figure it out. Find a platform and just start. It’s easy. What I want to tell you guys, is how to run a successful blog. Blogging is easy. You just sit. Type. And post. Making it successful is the hard part.
  2. The first step to running a successful blog deals with your content. If you’re blogging, you want to be original and you want to post consistently. Those are the two main points of this step.
    1. Original content is absolutely essential. You don’t want to regurgitate something someone else has said from the internet. That’s probably a copyright violation and someone will call you out. Also on the point of copyright, make sure you cite any images or quotes. The internet people do not hesitate to call someone out for using another person’s work. Be original. The only way you can do that is by being yourself. Put your spin on it. Find your style and run with it.
    2. Secondly, posting consistently is essential. Set a schedule for yourself for different things. I’m part of a young adult book blog and we have weekly features. A few features we participate in with others who created it for that purpose, such as Top Ten Tuesdays. You don’t have to post every single day. If you’re blogging by yourself, you probably don’t want to. But, try not to space it out too much. Your success depends on how frequently people see you pop up on their readers.
    3. Don’t forget, be original and post consistently. Now, within your content you’ll have to be aware of certain things, which leads me to my second point: Searchability.
  3. Searchability is highly important with any website. You want your site to be easy to find and your content to have great keywords.
    1. Making your site easy to find isn’t difficult. Make your website’s title catchy. For the book blog I’m part of, it is titled Such a Novel Idea. We do book reviews and other book related things. The title relates to the content, and it’s cute. Sadly, I can’t say I came up with that title, my best friend did. You also want to make sure you have good titles within the post itself. And lastly on the point of finding your site, make sure your urls are not complicated. Some blogs allow you to change the title afterwards, so make it something easy to find. Searchability doesn’t stop there though. Next you have to be concerned about your content.
    2. Your goal is to have great search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. You don’t want to put a ton of keywords, or tags. You want to pick about two that really describe what you want to get at. You’ll want to put those in the headline, headers and body, URL, and meta description. You’ll also want to make sure these keywords are longer. Make them descriptive so the search engine will pick it up.
    3. With searchability, be aware of your titles and make sure you are optimizing your SEO. You want to be found, which leads to the last point: Social Media.
  4. Social Media is highly prevalent in our time. Now, this part is not absolutely essential. I’m sure there are blogs who are successful without social media, but social media gets you out there. There are two ways you can work with social media: creating a page, and sharing on your social media channels.
    1. I recommend that you start a Facebook page for your blog if you want it to be successful. This allows your readers to follow you and get notifications on the platform they’re more likely to use. You’re also able to share links and little things without having to do an entire blog post. It’s a great way to get your readers a little more involved.
    2. Lastly, share your posts on your social media pages. You never know who might share it. If you have a Twitter, connect your blog so it automatically posts on there. You can also set this up for Facebook as well. Use the social media you might already be using to better optimize your viewers.
  5. To recap: first, work on your content and ensure you are original and consistent; second, be aware of your searchability through great titles and SEO; and lastly, connect your social media, take advantage of the platforms that are available to help you get your blog post out to the world.
    1. Ultimately, you determine your own success. Everyone see success differently. I feel successful when we get comments on the blog because it shows that people want to engage with me on something I’m passionate about. You don’t have to follow all of my advice, I know not everyone is fond of social media especially. But, if you do want to be successful, try these steps. I’m no expert, but they’ve proven to help me feel successful. I think they’ll help you. Thank you.

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