Where I’ve Been

Before I did my post on the Endless Scroll, I hadn’t posted on this blog since August of 2015. I figured I’d update on what’s gone in the past year and why I have started blogging once more on this blog.

Not long before I stopped blogging I got a job at my local library as staff on the information desk. December of 2015 I moved up to working full time in acquisitions at the library. I’m still working there. January of 2016 I started my Masters degree in Library Science. I’m set to graduate this December so it has been very busy this past year keeping up with schoolwork. I love it. It’s the perfect career path for me and every day I work and do my schoolwork, I love it more.

Another thing that happened not long after I stopped blogging is that I started dating my boyfriend (October 2015). I couldn’t be happier with him in my life. I’ve had many adventures and experiences with him at my side, and I can’t wait for more.

I’ve also been blogging at Such a Novel Idea pretty consistently. This past year I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be, due to school and work and getting used to it, but this year I decided to be better about it and I have been. Blogging with Jess and Loren is always a blast. We’ve recently started a new feature called Shh! I’m Reading, where Jess and I talk about the Audiobooks we’ve read throughout the month.

This past September I moved into my own apartment. It has been a little more difficult but I’m glad I’m able to support myself. I love having my own space and the ability to cook whatever I like, decorate everything, and so much more. I lived with my grandparents throughout my college career and almost a year after. I’m so thankful for their support.

Also in September my boyfriend and I went to meet one of my favorite authors down in Austin, Texas: Sarah J. Maas. It was amazing. She was signing copies of the brand new book Empire of Storms.

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It has been a busy, but wonderful year, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

My desire to start blogging on here again is purely selfish. I hope that my random thoughts for posts will be appreciated by someone. It is my hope that readers will gain something from my posts, whether it’s enjoyment, or something learned. I wanted a place where I could post about the things that go through my mind randomly, the books I’m reading, the shows I’m watching, and whatever else I decide.

All that is to say, I’m glad to be back and I hope everyone has had a fabulous past year and a half. Thanks for reading! Until later chaos seekers!


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