It’s Summer now! SANI Update

Hello again dear followers. This week was the first week of summer and I’ve been blogging (and reading) like crazy. This week’s update over at Such a Novel Idea is full of wonderful things!

On Tuesday we had our Top Ten but instead of going along with things, we went rogue. Check out what we decided to do instead for our Top Ten Tuesday:

On Wednesday I was the one who proposed what we should be waiting on. Check out which book and why I picked it:

On Thursday my review for The Sky is Everywhere went live! I was really excited for this one. So far I have some great responses too:

And Friday was my weekly post with another review! I was inspired by my Mom and Step-Dad for this one… sorta. If you like comic books I’d check it out:

I was surprised when Jess let me know that another one of my reviews was going up this week. I loved this book, check it out:

It’s been another great week in the blogging world. Thanks for reading!

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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