The Woes of a Picky Eater

I really shouldn’t call it a picky eater, it should be called something else, but this is the terminology everyone knows so that’s what I’ll stick with. I’ve been a picky eater my whole life. I haven’t liked cheese (I like white cheeses but only melted and sometimes I’ll have regular cheddar or american– like in burritos or enchiladas– but only if it’s a little and melted) since I was 3 (according to my mom). I don’t eat lettuce, tomato and a bunch of other things. Sometimes it’s the taste that I don’t like, other times it’s the texture. Regardless of what it is, it’s annoying.

I hate being a picky eater. It makes life difficult. When trying to pick what to eat I’m often the one shooting things down, although I would rather not. I want to like things, but my taste buds just won’t let me. I didn’t start to like broccoli until I was 16 so now I like that, thankfully, but it has to be cooked. I didn’t eat bell peppers until a couple of years ago (only cooked). I didn’t eat onions (unless they were super fine and cooked into something) until a couple of years ago. Slowly my taste buds are allowing me to try new things and branch out some but not as much as I want. Being a picky eater really sucks. I can’t eat salads. Can’t stand the texture of the lettuce. My choices when it comes to restaurants is very limited.

Growing up was a pain. I was constantly called weird by my family and everyone else. I hated it. I couldn’t help that I was the only kid in the house who didn’t like cheese on their sandwiches or anywhere else. I want to eat healthier but I don’t like a majority of the things that come in the healthier choices.

So, the point of this post was the show that sometimes the picky eaters in your life can’t help it. Nobody should be patronized based on what they can and can’t eat. If you’re a picky eater based on taste or texture then I feel your pain. You’re not alone, and it’s okay to be a picky eater. As much as it sucks, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I don’t like a lot of things. I still hate it but I’ve dealt with it my whole life so it’s not like it’s going to change overnight.

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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