I’m Aliiiiive! And I’ve moved 1400 miles

I realize I’ve been rather inactive the past few weeks and I apologize. Life made me pretty busy. I graduated College May 1st (which I posted about, I think). Then the month of May was spent with my friends and family. June 1st I turned 22 and then June 3rd I left Texas.

My cousin and I went on a road trip to my new home. We drove about 700 miles the first day, stayed the night at a hotel, then drove the last half the second day. Since I reached my new home (in Pennsylvania), we’ve been busy with my mom and stepdad– fun things all weekend long. I’ve steadily been working on getting my room set-up as well.

Today was the first day I really got to do much online stuff. I managed to do 4 posts for Such a Novel Idea this afternoon. You guys will probably see that within the next couple of days as they go up. Hopefully I’m back on track with my usual posts there. Waiting on Wednesday, my weekly feature, and Top Ten Tuesday for sure.

Here’s a few pics from my road trip and our adventures after arriving:


Those were all from the road trip.

These are from the past few days:

My Step-Dad and I put this wonderful little bookshelf together.

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

I got a lot of butterfly pictures. The featured image for this post is my favorite one.

I had a fish that was bigger than Cuzzin’s hand by a whole lot. Beer battered.

Went to Knoebels in Elysburg, PA and rode that awesome ride. It’s called the Impulse.

And every time I go outside I see some sort of wildlife creature. One day I saw two baby bunnies, a big bunny, two grown chipmunks and a baby chipmunk, all in 20 minutes.

So, my life has been a whirlwind of change. I’m still trying to get used to things and I miss all of my friends like crazy, but I’m glad to be trying something new. I get to take at least a month or two off to relax now. I’m going to enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll get back in the groove of posting things on here as well as SANI. We shall see.

Until Later Chaos Seekers.


2 thoughts on “I’m Aliiiiive! And I’ve moved 1400 miles

    1. Mother Chaos

      Thank you!! I’m loving it here already. It’s gorgeous right now. I’m dreading winter lol. I’m assuming you’re in PA as well. Woo!


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