It’s Summer now! SANI Update

Hello again dear followers. This week was the first week of summer and I've been blogging (and reading) like crazy. This week's update over at Such a Novel Idea is full of wonderful things! On Tuesday we had our Top Ten but instead of going along with things, we went rogue. Check out what we …

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Check it out– Burying Fletcher by Susan Newcomb Mowrer

I am incredibly proud of my friend Susan Newcomb Mowrer who I had in Creative Writing this past semester. I was amazed the first time I read Burying Fletcher. She had sent it to me in an email because I had expressed so much love for one of her stories. Months after that she got …

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This Week’s SANI Update

I finally got back into the groove of things with Such a Novel Idea! This week on our Waiting on Wednesday we look at a sci-fi book! Fitting considering the fact that I've read 2 sci-fi novels in the past week. Check out which book and why we're waiting for it. Thursday my …

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