Lions, Tigers and Fencing, oh my!

My day today was all around great. We went to the zoo and did some fencing in an amphitheater. I just wanted to share some of my pictures to my blog and Twitter followers so here you guys go! I hope you enjoy looking at these 20 some odd pictures. There’s a lot more but I’m keeping it light since it took so long to upload them in the first place. The featured image for this post is also a picture I took during our trip to the zoo.

Also, for those interested, my camera is a Canon t3i rebel. A majority of these were taken with my 75- 300 mm extended lens.





IMG_6410 Great friends and myself 🙂IMG_6440

The following pictures are of our fun at a neighborhood Amphitheater. My friend and I were the ones fencing while my cousin and other friends took pictures of us. We have a couple of videos. I may try to find a way to add them here eventually. If you guys have a chance you should try out fencing. It’s a ton of fun. This is the third or fourth time I’ve done it with my friend and it’s a great workout and a blast!

IMG_6618 IMG_6817 IMG_6821 IMG_6846 IMG_6873 IMG_6893



And lastly, my beautiful Cuzzin (don’t worry about the spelling, I know. It’s just how we’ve been spelling it since we’re kids) who was dancing and looking awesome.


There were about a 1000 photos taken today. A majority were taken by the beginners with my camera while I fenced. But they got some pretty decent shots so I’m happy. It was a great way to spend a Wednesday during Spring Break.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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