New Imagine Dragons Album: Smoke + Mirrors

Imagine Dragons just released their new album Smoke + Mirrors this past Tuesday (February 17) which was very exciting. I had it preordered so it came in the day of but I didn’t get to listen to it until the next day since I got home late from work. After looking online I realized that I didn’t get the deluxe or super deluxe editions, but that’s fine.

Their new album is very interesting compared to their first album. They’re definitely trying new things with sounds and such. They experimented on things and I think it paid off. I think they made this album specifically to have fun with taking it on tour. There’s so many songs that would be so much fun at a concert.

When I first listened to the album I was thrown off because I expected more things that fell along the same sound of the last album which I absolutely love. I wasn’t sure how I liked the way they played with the music, extra sounds and such, but after repeated playing of the songs I came to love it.

There are 13 songs on the album: Shots, Gold, Smoke and Mirrors, I’m So Sorry, I Bet My Life, Polaroid, Friction, It Comes Back to You, Dream, Trouble, Summer, Hopeless Opus, and The Fall.

Here’s a few of the songs from YouTube:

“Shots” and “Gold” have a very new feel to them much like “I Bet My Life” which I had heard many times on the radio before the album hit. “Smoke and Mirrors” is my favorite out of the album I think because it combines the beautiful sound that their first album had with some of the new things they’re doing and it comes together beautifully. “Polaroid” is also another one that I love.

I’m a little sad now that I’ve realized I’m missing several songs they had on the deluxe albums… Oh well. I guess I’ll get them through Amazon at some point.

Happy listening! Until later Chaos Seekers


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