Standing up for Anna– It’s okay, I understand.

To start this post off you all should know I’m a rather big Frozen fan. Can’t help it. That music gets in your head and it’s just so pretty. I love Disney in general. I may be 21 but I love the messages the animated movies give and the feelings that go with it. Okay… now for the post. There will be spoilers for Frozen. At this point if you haven’t seen it there’s a problem.

One thing that has been bugging me recently is the whole bashing Anna for trying to marry Hans. Elsa’s line “You can’t marry a man you just met” was revered by fans everywhere because that kind of thing has been happening in Disney movies for so long. I understand that but Anna is a little different. (This will not be a bashing of Elsa. I’m looking right at Anna for this.) Let’s look at some songs.

In the ever famous “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” we have Anna trying so hard to spend time with her sister who used to be her best friend as she points out. Have you ever lost your best friend? Even for a short time? It’s awful. Imagine that but with the ONLY person you had close to you. Anna’s loneliness is so extensive that she talks to the paintings on the wall. I know that talking to your animals when you’re home alone is one thing… but the paintings? That’s a whole new low that no child should ever have to go through. She even points out that it is lonely. We all know she’s downplaying it though due to her new friend Joan on the wall. Another poignant part of this song is after her parents have died and she’s trying so hard to call out to her sister. She recognizes that Elsa is going through something, obviously, but at that moment she just needs her sister. She’s the only family she has left.

The next song “For the First Time in Forever” is Anna’s straight up jubilation at being able to interact with other people. She laments on how lonely she has been in this happy song. And then of course we have the first mention of finding love. Of course she’s going to wish for romance. We have to assume that all she’s had were the paintings and books so the idea of love is something she’ll undoubtedly have. And after losing her parents she just wants love, whether it’s romantic or familial. She craves the closeness with someone, even if it’s just laughing and talking all evening. She knows that to wish for this is crazy, but what else can she do? She knows this is only a one day event so she’s trying to take the only opportunity available to her. There’s no telling whether Elsa will acknowledge her more after the coronation, she can only hope. So, she clings to the ideas of romance and love, especially love which she’s craved so desperately she’s willing to marry a man she just met. She just wants to change her lonely world. She’s tired of being pushed away by Elsa and she’s willing to find anyone that will fill that void.

When she actually meets Hans and does find this person to fill the void she’s ecstatic to marry him, as soon as possible so the palace will no longer be empty. That’s why she suggests his brothers come stay with them. They have a ton of empty rooms and she’s so tired of their emptiness she’s willing to marry the first good looking decent man she meets. I know, this is not healthy, but she’s so starved of attention that it makes sense why she does it. It’s not only that ache for romance that most Disney heroines have. It’s an ache to fill the hole that has been left in her since she was a child. Again, she knows it’s crazy to agree to marry Hans after knowing him for such a short time, but she can’t help it. She doesn’t want to go back to the closed doors and talking to paintings.

So, for everyone who hates on Anna like they do most Disney princesses who pull this stunt, you have to stop and think why she’s doing this because the lyrics spell it out completely. Anna is not the typical princess. She’s not the spoiled under the sea princess or sleeping beauty or anything like that. This girl has real issues. Issues people go through every day. I don’t blame the girl for trying to marry Hans so quickly. If it means saving her from the cold and desolate life she had before, why not? Granted, Hans turned out to be a douche in the end but her heart was in the right place. Up until the moment he revealed his true colors she was just searching for that warmth and love. And of course he has to go and point out the one thing she’s needed most, love. She just didn’t realize that it was her sister’s love that she really needed the most. But isn’t that something we can all relate to? We all want something and need something, but half the time we don’t realize what it is we truly need.

Hope this has been an illuminating post. Let me know what you guys think! Until later Chaos Seekers!


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