Blunt objects, defense, and death– Weird Dreams!

Have you ever had a dream where you had to protect someone by killing a person using a blunt object? No? Well good because it’s weird and makes you wanna cringe (you’ve been warned), so I’ll tell you about my dream last night, where this happened.

For some reason we were all hiding– we being the many people around this random neighborhood I’m sure I’ve never seen before. The only person I knew in the dream was my little brother Chance. He and I were part of the group hiding and unfortunately for us we were stuck in a place where if the people walked in the right spot they’d see us instantly. So, some random person hands me this object to protect us. (I tried to find a picture of the thing, but I can’t because I don’t even know what it is. It’s this thing we use at my work to cut avocado. It’s like a knife thing but… not. It’s super dull and only slices through things like avocado… not what my dream used it for… anyways, back to the dream.)

Okay, so I have this thing. It’s metal and only knife like in that it’s silvery. My brother and I are sitting in this little hovel shed thing, hearts racing as we strain our ears to hear anyone approach. The entire block is silent and pitch black (it’s night). Then we hear voices… right beside our hiding place. My hand grips the object tightly as I watch out the hole in the wall where we’re most visible from. Of course our luck has it that we have two people come by, armed with something. I have no idea what was going on. Maybe some terrorist kinda thing? Like a Red Dawn situation or something?

So, one of the guys walks on past the huge hole, not even giving us a passing glance. He seems to have a goal in mind. The other guy though is doing his job, checking everything… and he sees us. My first instinct (this is a dream remember), is to jump out and grab this huge guy. Somehow I manage to cover his mouth as I struggle to stab him with this blunt object… (Today at work I grabbed that thing that was in my dream and tested it against my hand to see how dull it really is. Seriously it was like a thin flat spoon in shape. Keep that in mind…) I’m stabbing this guy in the neck with this thing and then finally it goes in, every bit of the inch and a half, maybe two inches, length. I don’t know what I’m thinking after the guy drops because next thing I know, I’m after the other guy and manage to take him out before he can shoot me. Yes, they had guns. I have no idea how all that happened without accidental gunfire or their yelling, but I managed it I guess.

I don’t really know what my brother was doing while I fought for our lives… that boy could have helped! He has Air Force training!

Anyways, so after that it jumps around (like a typical dream) and then it’s just a group of random people running and hiding from these others hunting them. I assume it was the same people and situation, just where everything went to hell and the whole hiding in houses thing didn’t work. Might have been my doing since I killed two of their people with a blunt object… who knows?

This is all just to show you how weird and dreams can be… especially mine. I wish you guys could see the object I’m talking about because you’d be just as bewildered as I am. Every time I think about it I just cringe at the vividness of the dream and the fact that I had to do that with that object… Me. The girl who does not get along with blood… at all. Like seriously, the thought of this dream makes me lightheaded… it’s not good.

Maybe some of you guys can explain the meaning behind this particular dream because I have no idea. Regardless, hope it was an interesting little story.

Until later Chaos Seekers!


3 thoughts on “Blunt objects, defense, and death– Weird Dreams!

  1. Strange, I just had a dream about a horse, 2 aliens and a 2 foot tall serial killer. In my dream, I should’ve killed someone but didn’t.

    Apparently, you were successful at killing the threat. Whatever it is you were supposed to conquer, you did it.

    Don’t you just wish that dreams weren’t so hard to decipher?


      1. That’s one of the strange things about a dream. A knife might not kill off the demons, but a broccoli spear will do the trick. Nothing seems to make sense when you’re in Dreamworld.


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