Bring It On 2015!

I meant to do a several posts the past few weeks… but I got distracted by things. Christmas was a blast, got everything I wanted– scarves.

Now it’s 2015!

2014 was a great year. I became really close with a lot of friends, did really awesome in school, held my job all year long, switched to ebooks, turned 21 and just had a fantastic time. Another note, I completed my Goodreads book challenge for 2014. I had the goal of 75 books for the year and with a whole year of classes and even two summer courses, plus work, I managed to make it with a few extras (3, but hey, still extra with all the hard courses I had this year).

This year is gonna be full of big things. I have my last semester of college this year. It should be a fun semester, sad that it’s the last. I’ll be graduating with my Bachelors degree in English (with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies) May 1st. June 1st I turn 22. Two of my little brothers graduate high school in June. Then sometime after the boys’ graduation I’ll be taking a road trip up to Pennsylvania with Cuzzin, well, I’m moving up there. Huuuuge change. I’m going from the two seasons state of Texas to a state with all four seasons! I’ll be moving out of my Grandparents and in with my Mom so I can get work experience. My goal is to get to New York City. Hopefully also this year I’ll find a good online graduate program for Creative Writing so I can do that while working. Whatever else 2015 has in store for me, we’ll see.

Instead of resolutions, I’ll just do goals. I know there are things I want to do for sure as a resolution, but goals are always better in my opinion. So here they are:

  • Finish strong with school!
  • Get up to 130 pages (or more) in my story I’m writing. I have 65 now so I need to double that. If not in that story, then progress another story a lot farther.
  • Go to the gym or just work out at home every few days. Seriously, I’ve slacked so much this past semester due to school, but I need to keep on it.
  • Cut back on chocolate and other sweets.
  • Get a wardrobe of business cute clothes. Cut back on those nerd shirts. I have way too many.
  • Save money! I’m definitely going to need it this year.
  • Make it all count.
  • Get a boyfriend… ha.. just kidding… but seriously. Nah, it’s not exactly a goal, just a wish. I hope to have someone to ring in the new year with this time next year.
  • Add an extra 10 books to that reading challenge and do it!
  • Spend time with friends and family. Not that I don’t do this already but make it all worth it.
  • Make some new friends.
  • Break out of my shell some more.

I could probably keep adding little goals, but I think that’s more than enough. Everyone should have some goals for their year.

I hope 2014 was great for everyone and I hope that 2015 will be even better!

Bring it on 2015! This is my big year!

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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