New Whovian Alert! Proud friend here!

I’d just like to share my excitement with you all. My best friend Kat has been trudging through Doctor Who, Season 1 (of the reboot), with me over the past few months. Back in the summer we got through 5 episodes… and of course we had the Slitheen which are not appealing at first. Now, several months later I got her to watch all the way through “The Doctor Dances” and she’s hooked. Unfortunately she’s suffering from a lack of sleep so she had to stop for the night or else we may have kept going.

It was definitely the Dalek episode that hooked her. Plus she gets the feels easily so a lot of the other episodes really hit her. I’m so happy right now! And of course she loves Jack…

So, my fellow Whovians, we have a new inductee. She’ll be completing Season 1 in the morning after she’s had time to recharge her brain.

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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