Fun, Family, Food, and Friendship! Thanks to all!

I just went and uploaded my pics from my Thanksgiving Break to facebook so I decided to make a little post on it and show you guys some of the pics I took (only the artistic ones, the ones of people need their approval so I’ll hold off on those). It’s also a comment on Thanksgiving break in regards to school.

So, this Thanksgiving we had the entire week off of school which was fantastic. I managed to bribe my manager at work to give me Wednesday off work so I was off Tuesday through Thursday. Before I thought of bribing him I’d been planing on staying home Tuesday to do homework then going to my dads Wednesday night after work. Luckily I got that day off and managed to go Tuesday. Tuesday I stopped in my hometown and saw one of my best friends and her baby. I wish I could post some pics of little Kenzy, she’s just too cute. After that though I went to my cousin’s (I call her Cuzzin, just so you guys know when I refer to her as such). We of course ended up staying up until 4 am doing various things. All that was fun then we went to my Dad’s Wednesday night and stayed over. We played cards both that night and then next day– Phase 10, Uno, Skip Bo, regular cards– all good fun. Thursday was awesome cause I got to spend some time with family. Plus overall in those three days I had some awesome food. Steak, russian cookies, thanksgiving lunch, etc. It was awesome.

Now… picture time! My dad had a fire going and I was the one that kept building it back up… so of course I took some pictures. They look awesome.

IMG_5591 and IMG_5585

I was pretty proud of my fire, and especially on how awesome the pictures came out. Look how crisp that color is! By the way… I may be a bit of a pyromaniac… just a little bit… nothing dangerous. I just like fire.

After all that wonderfulness I had more fun stuff to do this past Saturday, my best friend’s Baby Shower which Kat and I helped throw. I just have to say, it was amazing. It was a huge hit and Christina had so much fun and loved it. I was so glad to be part of that, even though at the beginning of the planning I had no idea what to do. I think I helped enough though. At first I wasn’t so sure I was even helping but apparently I was… Anyways, the theme of the shower was Books and Tea with mother to be. So, for the gifts everyone got to take home, we had these:

IMG_5672 Everyone got a cup with a mix-matched plate and a couple of handmade bookmarks. They were so pretty. Well done on the bookmarks Lo!

Here’s a few close ups of the book marks because they’re beautiful:

IMG_5673 IMG_5674

IMG_5676 IMG_5677

And these were only four of them. There were eight different ones. All Christina’s favorite authors 🙂 The other ones included a quote from J.K. Rowling, John Keats, The Joy Luck Club, and Alexander Dumas.

Yea, that about sums up my past week. It was definitely an exciting one… The only downside is I got absolutely NO homework done or studying done. That’s the downside of having Thanksgiving Break and then coming back for only two weeks, one of which is finals. Hell, I had a final today… it kicked my butt for sure. I didn’t study like I should have sadly.

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving Break (at least everyone that celebrates it… if you don’t then I hope you’ve had a great week). Until later Chaos Seekers!


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