New Music– London Grammar

One of my friends introduced me to this band, they’re called London Grammar and they’re just amazing. Hannah’s voice is like dark chocolate (as my friend TJ described). Seriously, her voice is friggin phenomenal. After listening to a few of their songs the other night I got hooked and immediately ordered their CD, which just came in today.

This one is my favorite song right now. Not exactly sure what’s going on with the video but it’s beautiful.

Okay… I’m done. Too much to do right now to post a legit blog post so until later Chaos Seekers!


13 thoughts on “New Music– London Grammar

    1. Mother Chaos

      I just got into them last week and after listening to the album I decided Strong was my favorite as well. There’s just something about it that’s especially strong, pun intended. I kinda get emotional when listening to it, it’s amazing. I would love to see them live.


      1. haha, pun intended, love that. I also really like Hey Now and have you heard a song they did with Disclosure called ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’? – so chilled. They’re whole album is emotional tbh and I wouldn’t have it any other way


      2. Mother Chaos

        No I haven’t but I’ll definitely go look it up right now. Hey Now is great but I like Shyer a lot more. Ohh this Help Me Lose My Mind song is good! I’ll have to share this with my friends. It’s different since it has more of a pop beat but still has Hannah’s amazing voice. The album is so emotional, I love it. Emotion in music is the best.

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      3. Yeah it shows that they are versatile (and Disclosure are great too btw, absolutely love their album) – thinking about it now actually, ‘Metal & Dust’ is probably the closest thing on their album to Help Me Lose My Mind – also ‘Sights’ is great too actually


      4. Mother Chaos

        I think we can agree that the whole album is great lol. I’m so glad my friend introduced me to them cause they’re amazing. I’ve been in need of some more music cause I’ve listed to MS MR’s CD too many times to count recently. Gotta add some diversity.


      5. Mother Chaos

        Who doesn’t? MS MR is a group I found thanks to a Game of Thrones trailer. Her voice is fantastic and their lyrics are kinda crazy but amazing. You should check out their song “Bones” and “Hurricane”. Their first album didn’t come out until this past March so they’re still relatively new.


      6. Oh my gosh, just listened to Hurricane and realised that it was the song which played at the place I worked at this summer (I just never got round to finding it what it was called) – thank you! I am also really liking Bones – thanks for the suggestions; I’ll be keeping an eye on them for sure.


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