No more Jane Austen… Until I decide to finish Northanger Abbey…

This semester for my Romantics class we had a project we had to pick. At the beginning of the semester I knew nothing of the romantic period, except Jane Austen, so when I had to go pick my author paper, I picked her. When I first started the project I had to read everything… everrryyythinng! Then I realized when I had my meeting with my professor that I only needed 4 of the books…

I read Mansfield Park, more like suffered through it because it’s definitely my least favorite. After that I finally finished Sense and Sensibility which I’d started several years before but couldn’t make it past the first 100 pages. Then I read Emma which took me four weeks and then a day of binge reading to finally finish it. I re-read Persuasion (I’d read it over the summer already) which was just fine, took no time at all and I enjoyed it. Then I read her earliest novella Lady Susan, short but kinda meh. Then I read her unfinished works, The Watsons (only interesting because the main character was Emma Watson) and Sanditon. I was pretty pissed about Sanditon because the copy on my Kindle had an extra 28 chapters written by an entirely different author… and I didn’t realize it until I’d finished the damn thing. Then I started Northanger Abbey and stopped when I realized I wasn’t going to need it for the paper. Lastly I started re-reading Pride and Prejudice, didn’t finish re-reading it but I didn’t need to thankfully.

So, today I had the whole day off work and I decided to finally start this thing. Here’s what the paper was: A 5 page biography of the author (luckily I had that one pretty much done already, I just cleaned up 3 pages or so) and then a 10 page essay using our burning question in regards to our author’s works. My question you ask? How do I establish a sense of self and purpose apart from outside influences and people? Good stuff.

Anyways, I’m proud to say I finished the damn thing a few hours ago! 16 pages total, 5 for the biography, 10 for the paper, and 1 for the works cited.

This was the stack of books I used for the paper… You can’t see the other side of the books but they’re tabbed up like it’s nobody’s business.

I just wanted to share this with you guys so you don’t make the mistake I did by picking an author like Jane Austen for a project. Pick someone with less to read… And figure out what you’re going to use before you read everything. I ended up reading all the unfinished stuff, “Lady Susan”, and Mansfield Park for no reason. It was brutal.

But one day I’ll go back and finish Northanger… I mean, it’s not as dreadfully long as Emma or anything… Anyyways… One paper out of 4 done. Now all I have left are 2 10 page papers and a 5-7 page paper, not to mention the actual finals for 5 classes. Don’t you just love college… especially senior year.

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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