Feeling like an Outsider…

Today was just one of those strange days where I felt like an outsider everywhere (except at home thankfully). Even when I was sitting with all my friends at school I felt like I was on the fringe of things and didn’t belong. I guess the topic they were on helped with that though. Then I had to work tonight and all night at work I felt like I didn’t belong with the rest of them. I ended up only talking when I had to, I just kept quiet and restocked things.

Do you guys ever have these days? The days where you just feel disconnected from everyone and you’re not sure why. These days unfortunately happen to me too often, but luckily things tend to return to normal the next day.

If you guys ever have these days and you just feel like talking things out with someone, I’m here and always willing to lend an ear. Until later Chaos Seekers.


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