Cheesy Christmas Movies

Okay so I skipped classes today to spend the day with my Mom so tonight we decided to watch a few movies and my grandparents were in charge of picking… the first one they picked was The Nightmare Before Christmas which none of us had seen (I know, I was behind with that one too, but I did watch it). It does not go under this topic’s title because it was really good, and not just a Christmas movie… anyways, after that my grandma picked another Christmas movie called Christmas Angel.

I know people complain about these cheesy Christmas movies, because they are really cheesy, like 99.99% of the time, but they are some of the most heartwarming movies ever. I’ve been so busy with school and work recently that I haven’t really had a break and while I was against the whole Christmas movie choice (It’s the beginning of November after all) I was glad I sat in there and watched it.

This cheesy Christmas movie really helped me feel lighter. I was able to get all of my posts for my class done easily after that and I just felt happier.

So, when you feel like you need a good cheesy pick-me-up movie, go ahead and pick out one of those cheesy Christmas movies, they may just do the trick and bring you that little bit of relief to your life. If you decide not to because it’s only the beginning of November, I completely understand, I was right in your boat and I’m not going to be looking for another one of these movies for several weeks, but file this under that, to do later list.

Hope you are all doing well! Until later Chaos Seekers!


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