No Spoilers here! Doctor Who Season 8 Finale feelings and things

This is not going to contain spoilers so don’t worry your little hearts. I just want to do a little squealing about the finale. *insert fangirl jumping squeal of epicness*

*clears throat* Alright, that feels much better…

For those that have watched it, what’d you think?

I mean, how can you not love these two? Seriously Capaldi you’re a phenomenal Doctor. And Missy… boy do I wanna talk about you… I can wait a while though, gotta give others the chance to watch it for themselves first.

I thought it was awesome. The Doctor was fantastic, as usual of course, but especially amazing. Clara was heartbreakingly perfect. Missy was wonderful and exciting and I need more of her.

So much was explained and yet so much left unanswered still… As usual for Doctor Who.

I laughed quite a bit, wanted to cry even more, and there were several moments when I just had to slow clap it out. Then that ending… boy did I want to cry with that ending.

I’m so glad this episode was so amazing because I wasn’t too terribly impressed with the one before it… but now that I’ve seen this one it’s erased pretty much all my negative feelings on the last one.

Now to wait until Christmas… thankfully I have you guys to help me endure the torture of waiting.

Until later Chaos Seekers!


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