Bizarre Dreams, whatcha think Freud?

I don’t know what it is about my subconscious but I tend to have some of the most bizarre dreams. They’re usually so very vivid and make absolutely no sense. It’s very rare that I have a dream where I’m the one participating. Usually, like last night’s, I’m just following along with everything.

My dreams have made some pretty interesting stories before. In creative writing 2 I wrote a story called Rocky Road which was based on a dream I’d had. I have it posted on goodreads for those interested:

I think that if Freud could take a look at my dreams he’d see something very wrong with me. I come across as a pretty simple nice girl yet when you get to know me you realize that isn’t exactly the case, I’m complex too you know (fun fact, I have the gutter mind of a 12-year-old boy apparently. I laugh at the most ridiculous things) My dreams are super crazy and I’d list a few if they weren’t so wordy so you’ll just have to stick with Rocky Road to know how twisted they can be (and what’s sad is that one is pretty tame… usually my dreams are much crazier and harder to put to words).

So, in my dream last night, things we just bizarre. I think I did star in it at one point… my friend and I were playing “Draw My Thing” and I could actually draw, which if you really knew me you’d understand how wrong that is. But then after that semi-normal situation things went to crazy town. There was this guy and some girl hunting this kid and the person I was basically following (because it wasn’t me at this point), was trying to stop them. There was some new kind of technology that we were using and throwing at one another, some kind of little bomb-like thing. There was a moment when the person I was following was hiding under this house that the two were in and then out of nowhere the two came and bombarded the girl with these bomb things. I think the weirdest part was later though. The two people had made it past the girl and were in this place (I’d say hotel since it wasn’t really a house) but the place wasn’t normal because it changed. It reminded me of The God Complex episode of Doctor Who in a way… Anyways, the guy was really trying to find this kid and for some reason the halls of this hotel like place kept changing every time he’d go to a different area, but that didn’t phase him, he seemed to expect it. The girl on the other hand was ridiculously confused, yet she managed to skirt around him and found the young boy first. So the girl and the kid start running and she realizes that he’s the one who is changing things in the hotel, he’s trying to keep the man away. After a big chase scene through this crazy hotel-like place, more people start to come in and they’re trying to help the kid (there may have been some random Chihuahuas helping, don’t know why). Then for some reason the people all band together and try to trick this guy by making him think they’re leading him to the kid when in reality… well, I don’t know what they were doing, the dream cut off with the people all in this hall pushing him towards where this kid is supposed to be.

Now, I’m sure had I written this immediately after I’d woken up I would have been able to add a lot more, but when I wake up I tend to play on facebook and today there was an extended trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, so my focus went there and parts of the dream kinda faded away. I mean, I can still see them there, but the words to describe it have vanished.

There you have it Freud. What do you think about my bizarre dream (and this one wasn’t even the worst)?

And a little something random, my #ThoreauBackThursday pick: “I have, as it were, my own sun and moon and stars, and a little world all to myself.” — Henry David Thoreau

I feel like this quote in the context of dreams is very fitting.

Until later my Chaos Seekers!


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