A girl stood on the edge of a small shimmering black pool. Nothingness surrounded her. She did not know how she came to be standing at the edge of the ink colored pool. Hints of dark purples and blues showed in the colors of the pool. It was mesmerizing. A man stood on another edge of …

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy puts out some of the prettiest games, in my opinion. Their MMO is no exception. I've been playing FFXIV since 2014, off and on. I hadn't played for the past year until recently when they sent me a free week of game time. Of course, I got hooked instantly like I had once …

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3 Steps to Running a Successful Blog Speech

I am in a Toastmasters club and recently did a speech on how to be a successful blogger. I thought it'd be a nice post to share. Here it is: Everyone has a blog waiting somewhere inside themselves. It could be a blog with reviews for something, a recipe blog, a place to freak out …

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Humanism and Belief

I am a humanist. Ultimately, I believe in people. I believe that is up to people to do the right thing. If you choose to follow a religion, all the power to you. I do not believe that religions should be pushed onto people. We're all human. That's something that will not change. We are not perfect. To be human is to be flawed. To be human is to be here, living day to day.


Where I’ve Been

Before I did my post on the Endless Scroll, I hadn't posted on this blog since August of 2015. I figured I'd update on what's gone in the past year and why I have started blogging once more on this blog. Not long before I stopped blogging I got a job at my local library …

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The Endless Scroll

Facebook may have started it, or Reddit, or Tumblr, or Twitter, or some other website I can't think of, but the endless scroll has become part of a lot of people's lives.


Chaos Fridays at SANI!

I started a new feature over at Such a Novel Idea called Chaos Fridays (because I do love my little bits of chaos, although I never post over here anymore). Check out the first post for this week! I'm pretty happy with it.


July is here and so are SANI Updates!

The week is at an end and I have updates! Tuesday we had our Top Ten Favorite Books this Year. I had quite a few books to choose from since I've been on a reading spree this year. We have a pretty good variety of books between the three of us. Check out which 10 …

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Indecision in Life Decisions

I'm one of those people who think they know exactly what they want to do and so I work towards that goal and then as I'm working towards it I realize it's not for me. I feel like one of the most indecisive people when it comes to what I want to do in life. This …

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It’s Summer now! SANI Update

Hello again dear followers. This week was the first week of summer and I've been blogging (and reading) like crazy. This week's update over at Such a Novel Idea is full of wonderful things! On Tuesday we had our Top Ten but instead of going along with things, we went rogue. Check out what we …

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